The brand

SeaThrough is a luxury resort wear brand founded in 2015 by Greek-born Dora Paisidou.

SeaThrough creations feature authentic prints inspired by the unique shapes and shades of the waters that emerge from the bottom of the sea to the surface.

Each print tells its own story drawn from nature’s beauty, from the light reflections to the playful water ripples creating the brand’s identity.

Dedicated to a modern woman who seeks understated luxury, SeaΤhrough aspires to bring out the sense of the sea on the female body and reveal an endless Greek summer mood.

The easy flowing pure silk dresses, the billowing pants, and the brand’s airy style embraces a woman’s body from casual daywear to an effortless chic.


Dora Paisidou was raised in a harbor city, a fact that strengthened her bond and love to the sea while her professional activities brought her one step closer to the sea, spending endless time inside and next to the waters.

To her, the sea is the cyan gold, the sun and sea are priceless treasures that allure her. She unlocked them only to translate their meanings into embodied creations. She unveiled the power and infinite variety of imagery extracted from every inch of the waters, starting from the first sunrise rays and ending to the silver shades of the moon.

At that moment, her notions were conceptualized. Those captured unexpected images, fused with vision and artistry, brought into life these original sea prints.

The collection

For each garment, an exclusive print is selected and transferred on specifically chosen fine and natural fabrics like pure silk and lightweight cotton.

Dora Paisidou orchestrates in her presence the entire process of all production steps. Cutting and sewing are done with seamless precision to ensure flawless standards.

Once these luxury fashion pieces are born, they spell the magic of the sea, discretely accentuating the body, encircling it in waves, swirling with it in every move, disclosing a unique and prominent coastal touch.

More than a luxury brand

SeaΤhrough creations would not exist without crystal clear oceans.

Dora Paisisdou has been actively involved for years in environmental organizations and the brand is aiming at reminding the urgent need for clean seas and raising awareness among all those enjoying our crystal waters.

Therefore, part of the sales revenue is allocated as charity to organizations that support this cause.

By purchasing any item of SeaThrough collection you support the cause for clean seas.